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Sal Dispenser, AccuSalt Shaker Sonoco
Ref. 10128
Nothing makes your french fries or other fried products taste better than the proper amount of salt. The Accu-Salt dispenser will only let you apply the right amount of salt the first time - and every time.
To use, simply hold the Accu-Salt dispenser 4-8 inches above the items to be salted and invert it. The salt pattern will dispense evenly and will stop automatically when the preset dosage has been dispensed.
  • Disperses the salt in a perfect pattern so all of your product is salted evenly and quickly
  • Holds 60-80 shots of salt depending on the type of salt and selected dispensing level
  • Accurate dosing – designed for repeatable measurements
  • Lasts for many years
  • Easy dispensing – dispenses with the turn of a wrist
  • Dispenser reduces waste – eliminates over-salting (and under-salting)
  • Easy to clean – no moving parts
  • Dosing: 6,5 grams per time
  • Specifications: 10.24 x 17.78 x 19.68 cm (4.033” x 7.00” x 7.750” ht)

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